About Us

Our Story

Firewalk Events is a family run events company, and started by Kirsty Redford our Firewalk Instructor.

Kirsty is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, the company started after Kirsty went away for a weekend 4 years into her therapy career to gain further knowledge in the field of personal and self development.  Part of this training weekend was a firewalk, Kirsty became consumed in the thought of training to combine NLP therapy to Firewalks.

She trained to become a firewalk instructor, and worked with her trainers at over 100 events, Charity and corporate. From the experience and knowledge, Firewalk Events was born, with much more experience than most in the field.

We are a company built from a passion and love of helping people to connect and bringing people together.

Kirsty decided to offer charity and corporate events, as well as hosting her own personal development and motivational NLP firewalks as planned.

No event is too big or small for Firewalk Events as Kirsty and the team have so much passion to help people achieve their full potential and push past their mental barriers.

We truly care about you, and your event.

We have a team of fire tenders.  Graham will be at most of our events, he loves to work with the fire you can see this as a spectator with the crowd on open or charity events as your walkers are in the training.

Then we have Josh, Shirley and Steve who help out around the firewalks for larger events.  All members of Kirsty’s family are all experienced with working with and around the fire.

Dependant on your date, you may even see Harrison.  He is only 10, but has been walking over fire since the age of 5, as he is Kirsty’s son.  He loves to motivate the younger children for our legowalks, walking in his mum’s footsteps we think!

Click here to contact us and discuss your event and how we as a team can help cater your needs.

What makes us different?

Firewalk Events was opened with a passion to help people.  Kirsty spent months and months in training and working with the fire, lego and glass, unlike many weekend training providers with no further training or hands on experience.

We truly care about you the client.  We prep for your event, cater to your individual needs.  We will create marketing materials to help you gain the most from your event, we will be on hand to help you every step of the way, towards and during your event.  

Many companies in the Firewalk industry were out solely to make money.  Offering firewalks at a very low price, but with very little experience.  Many of these companies open up after limited training and we find from questions and feedback from new clients that have previously booked with these teams, that this can be dangerous to their walkers and also the industry.  Firewalk Events is all about fun, but our priority  will always be your safety.

Super Efficient

We arrive 2 hours before the event. Run the event. Clean up and go!

Deeply Committed

Help from start to finish, to create your amazing event!

Highly Skilled

Fully qualified team, with over 100 firewalk experience