Glasswalking Events

What is a Glass walk?

Glass walking is another great event we offer.  

From being a young child, you have probably been told to stay clear from broken glass, and if you drop something on the floor, like a pint pot or a wine glass, that you quickly put your shoes on before you clean it up.

Well glasswalking is broken bottles but without the shoes.

People often fear the glass over our other events, yet this is done with children as well as adults, and is Kirsty’s favourite thing to do most weeks alongside her mindfulness.

Walking along the glass is a more focused event, you have to be in the moment and focus on each step.  Glasswalking to us is a metaphor ‘to be able to do anything you set your mind to’ 

We use clean, sterilized, broken glass bottles.  There is no trickery to walking on our glass it is purely about technique and focus.

Each participant will receive a certificate and a huge sense of achievement to take home.

Glasswalking is for those who really dare to take on a challenge, so is great for charities raising money, but is also good for corporate and schools, for focus and goal training.

Safety is our number one priority with our glasswalks, all of our glass is cleaned before each event and also after each event.  We add new glass after each event to keep it fresh unlike other companies.  Our set up is a led lit walk, and looks professional for your walkers.  Unlike other companies that run these events for cheaper, we pride ourselves on our unique set up and safety.

We look forward to working with you. 

At Firewalk Events we provide everything you need for your event.  Unlike other companies we have a professional glass frame, we smash our own glass to ensure this is then properly sterilized, we have a glass walking playlist and also certificates for every walker.

Our glass walking event can be run just about anywhere, indoors or out.  All you need to do is bring people to your glass walk!

We also use our glass or lego walks as standby option for a wet weather programme for the fire so you will always have a event regardless of the weather!