when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Lego brick walking is something fairly new to the industry now, with only a handful of companies insured to host these amazing events.

Thankfully we are one of those companies.  Our amazing set up will have your friends and family/ pupils or team, leaving with huge smiles and satisfaction.

I’m sure that if you have children, there has been a time you have stood on one of those pieces left out…. 

Ouch! Us too… which is why it is such a popular event to challenge all ages.  

Both adults and children love our brick walk and it has proven time and time again to be one of our most popular events, at one of our Children in Need events we had over 60 children walk over the bricks and most of them a few times each!

Our brick walk looks great in any location, not just bricks thrown together in a tarpaulin on the floor, (like other companies in the industry). We have taken time to create a ‘bricktastic’ frame and then we fill it with over 10,000 brick pieces to create a great looking set up.

All participants will get a certificate and they all go home with smiles.

Do you dare to walk over our lego?

Fun filled event

Why not nominate your kids, your teachers/head teachers/boss/your annoying colleague/spouse – or sign up to host and walk in an event yourself!





Thank you for a great night, the brick walking was so much fun, I loved it and will do it again next year! 

Graham Hall

Fire, Lego & Glass Tender

Kirsty Redford

Firewalk Instructor & NLP Master Practitioner

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