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'Find your inner power!'

Kirsty, the owner of Firewalk Events, is a therapist specialising in NLP, mindfulness, Law of Attraction, and mindset. She has now combined her expertise with firewalking and other exciting events, to challenge people, to create the ultimate mindset events company….

Firewalk Events!

Her vision is to use mindset techniques and empowering events to ignite a transformation in people’s lives. Creating a network of likeminded people ‘Fire family’ who can empower and lift one another up.

Graham and Kirsty Firetending at Dr Kershaws Event 2023

However, Kirsty’s journey didn’t start there.

When she first began helping others many years ago, she realised that she was often prioritising her clients’ well-being over her own. She dedicated countless hours to creating personalised recordings, worksheets and programs to assist them.

“Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.” – R.H. Sin.

In the whirlwind of caring for her adorable newborn, Kirsty found herself caught in the delightful chaos of motherhood.

Balancing her passion for supporting others in mental health and wellbeing, with the sleepless nights and sweet cuddles of her son proved to be quite the juggling act.

Realising the need for a breather, Kirsty decided to take a break from her mental health support role and dive into the creative world of design and photo editing. It was like a refreshing pause button, allowing her to recharge, explore new avenues, and still keep the creative juices flowing.  However, Kirsty’s heart still yearned for personal fulfillment and a more hands-on approach. When the desire to connect with people became irresistible, she sought inspiration from a Tony Robbins taster day. Tony Robbins, a mentor who Kirsty had heard of very well.  A renowned motivational speaker whom Kirsty had admired since her days studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 

In a heartwarming twist, even booked her own mum, Shirley, to join her. In a heartwarming gesture, Shirley generously gifted Kirsty full tickets to attend a Tony Robbins event.

Little did Kirsty know that attending that event would be a life-changing experience.

On the second night, she found herself participating in her first firewalk. This exhilarating and transformative experience ignited a fire within her, reigniting her passion for helping others and inspiring her to explore new avenues of personal growth and mindset development.

Kirsty dedicated herself to studying and mastering the art of firewalking, braving all weather conditions and conducting over 200 firewalks with another company to gain the necessary expertise.

With her newfound knowledge and unwavering determination, she was finally ready to launch her own Firewalk Events, with the mission of empowering individuals, charities, corporate teams, and school groups to tap into their inner power and unlock their full potential.

Kirsty’s journey is a friendly reminder that sometimes, taking a detour can lead to unexpected, beautiful destinations.

So here we are, Firewalk Events…. and with each event that we carefully craft, we do our best to provide that extra spark, ensuring a truly transformative experience for all participants.

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