Get ready for an exciting adventure in 2024 as we unveil our brand new 9 hole mini golf event!

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There are distinct differences between corporate events and our charity events, and it goes beyond just the pricing. Corporate events are specifically tailored to your team’s theme or topic of the day. We have successfully organized numerous corporate events for various clients, focusing on team building, workplace safety, mindset, sales targets, and more. Each event carries its own unique message, and we ensure that the delivery is both enjoyable and energetic.

No matter the size of your team, whether it’s a small group of 5 or a large organisation of 5000 and beyond, our team is capable of crafting an event that perfectly fits your needs. We can tailor the event to accommodate your specific size, budget, and venue requirements.

If you’re seeking a more thrilling challenge for your staff, firewalking is an excellent event activity. While glasswalking also provides a thrill, it can be approached with a more mindful perspective, emphasizing the importance of safety and a positive mindset to accomplish tasks.

Our new 9-hole golf course is perfect for fostering team camaraderie, and our boards can assist your staff in overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving targets.

We are capable of running multiple events simultaneously, and if needed, we are more than happy to spend the entire day with you, providing a comprehensive and focused day of activities.

Additionally, we offer immersive seminars on mindset, led by Kirsty, who is an expert in NLP and comes from a therapy background. Her seminars are guaranteed to kickstart your day with the right message!

Brick fun to build team spirit!

We are the UK’s only company to offer our very own designed and unique lego brick obstacle course, we’ve got not one, not two, but FOUR Lego Walks in our collection now to take your day to the next level, depending on your participant number.
Each walk is a little over 2m in length, and can be the main event or combined with something else like golf or fire for a truly unforgettable time.
Our one-of-a-kind Lego Brick Obstacle Course… We’re the only company in the UK crazy enough to dream up a course this fun. But the real excitement begins with our Lego Obstacle Course – a mash-up of our walks with extra challenges like hurdle jumps, wobbly boards, and even jumping sacks! Get ready for a playful adventure like no other.

Step up and walk on glass! Let's test team courage!

Experience the thrill of a glasswalk event and make a meaningful impact on your charity! Our bookable glasswalk events offer a unique and exhilarating opportunity that will leave a lasting impression on your staff. After being trained by our professionals, walk mindfully and confidently across a bed of glass shards, defying fears and inspiring other team members along the way. With our expert guidance and safety measures in place, you can rest assured that your participants will have a safe and unforgettable experience. Book now and teach team work and safety in a truly unique and extraordinary way!

This event can be run as a motivational event or a mindfulness relaxation event.

Smash through your targets with our board breaking workshop

Who needs to be a famous martial arts guru when you can break boards with your own hands?! Board breaking is the latest craze taking over team events and workshops. We’re not just talking about basic board breaking – we’re talking breaking boards with a purpose, like setting goals and achieving them! And let’s not forget adding boards to larger events for a real adrenaline rush (check out the picture above!). So why wait? It’s time to break some boards and show off your inner champion!

This has also been run many times for sale forces looking to increase figures!

Dare to make a difference, fear to flames!

Who knew walking on hot coals could be so much fun? Firewalking is our top event and we’ve seen some seriously impressive results with corporate teams, working as one and motivating one another, which can then be used daily in the workplace! Get your team together to walk across that fiery bed of coals!

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As part of our commitment to transparency, we strive to avoid hidden costs that other companies may charge. However, we understand that each event requires unique planning and a customised pricing approach.
Please note that while we have provided some pricing examples, your actual costs may vary based on the specifics of your event, including location and level of customisation and participants.