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Build Bridges: Networking and Team Building Event


June 30, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Firewalk Events - Unit 12 + 14 Prestwich / Whitefield
Firewalk Events, Manchester , Lancashire, M45 6TL

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Connect, collaborate, and create at the Build Bridges: LEGO brick Networking and Team Building Event! This unique gathering is designed to blend professional networking with the playful challenge of brick building activities. Participants from various industries will come together to construct bridges, models, and even brave a Legowalk, fostering new connections and strengthening teamwork skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Event Details:

  • Bridge Building Challenge: Teams will collaborate to design and construct sturdy bridges from huge bricks, emphasising the principles of engineering and cooperation.
  • Model Creation Sessions: Unleash your creativity as you work alongside new contacts to build models that reflect innovative solutions or represent your industry.
  • Walk Challenge: In a test of resilience and focus, participants will walk across a path made of tiny bricks. This activity is not only a physical challenge but also a memorable ice-breaker and talking point.
  • Networking Opportunities: Structured networking sessions are interspersed throughout the event, allowing participants to discuss their creations, share professional insights, and forge valuable connections in an informal, playful setting.
  • Guided Facilitation: Our team will guide the activities, ensuring that each participant engages fully and connects meaningfully with others, maximising the networking and team-building outcomes.
  • Awards and Recognition: The day will conclude with awards for innovation, design excellence, and team spirit, celebrating both individual creativity and collaborative success.

Who Should Attend:

This event is perfect for anyone looking to expand their network and experience team-building in a novel, engaging format. Whether you’re an engineer, a designer, a business leader, or just a brick building Lego enthusiast, you’ll find value and enjoyment in building connections—both literal and metaphorical—at this event.

Join us to build bridges, both in structure and in spirit, and walk away with more than just new connections—leave with a renewed sense of teamwork and innovation.